Campus Life

Typical Day

7:00 AM  Alarm goes off.
7:30 AM  Breakfast. French toast, eggs and sausage.

8:00 AM  Suit up and get ready to load the bus for the mountain.
8:15 AM  Board the bus, ride to the mountain.
8:30 AM After a good warm up you start your training on Sugarloaf’s world-class terrain.
12:00 PM  Load the bus for school and change into school mode.

12:15 PM Lunch 

12:30 PM  School meeting.

1:00 PM  English – Peer reviews and discussion on paper topics. 
2:00 PM  Calculus – Review for exam tomorrow.

3:15 PM  Advanced Biology – Present your report on the Genetics Seminar from last week’s field trip to Portland.
4:15 PM  U.S. History – Discuss the Industrial Revolution and get back your quiz.
5:30 PM  Dinner.
6:00 PM  Free time at the dorm.
7:30 PM  Study Hall. 
9:00 PM  Free time – Ping-pong, pool, maybe a board game with friends

10:00 PM - Getting ready for bed.
10:30 PM - Lights out.
The above schedule represents a typical, midweek, winter day for CVA student-athletes.

Day Students

Day student-athletes are totally integrated with the community, joining in evening study halls, preparing skis and snowboards in the tuning room, and eating meals in the dining room.  A locker in the main building is offered to all day student-athletes as well.